Validating high stakes testing programs

29-Apr-2020 07:23

While the interventions that you have used in your classroom have shown success, one has to question whether the interventions align to the systematic implementation of the Rt I process in a school.What we know about research based interventions is that they greatly increase the academic success of children in our classrooms.: In general RTI at the secondary level does not have the track record that it has at the elementary level.In the scheme of things, we haven't been at this process for very long.

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In short, schools that are effective do three things well: Rt I provides the evidence-based tools to help schools do these things efficiently. It comes from the confluence of a long history of applied research and practice coupled with improved engineering for delivering instruction in the real world, all wrapped up in the perfect storm of political and social policy imperatives demanding better outcomes for all of our children.

For the past 30 years or so, a fairly tight knit group of people across the country have been quietly working on ways to bring evidence-based practice into schools.