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Oh I don’t trust you to remember; here is the except from the developmental psychology chapter: Sigmund Freud Freud (his friends called him Siggy) is probably the most recognizable psychologist of all time.

He is the father of the psychoanalytic school of psychology and we WILL discuss him in MUCH more detail when we discuss the psychoanalytic school.

If some outside force deters our social development in one of the following stages, Freud said we could become fixated in that stage, meaning that we would become preoccupied with that earlier stage later on in our lives.

Lets explain the stages and see if we can get this to make some sense. Oral Stage: About 0-2 years old, an infants libido is focused around their mouth.

If this tactic succeeds and the child is overindulged, he will develop into an anal retentive character.

This character is neat, precise, orderly, careful, stingy, withholding, obstinate, meticulous, and passive-aggressive.

The child who wants to fight takes pleasure in excreting maliciously, perhaps just before or just after being placed on the toilet.

If the parents are too lenient and the child manages to derive pleasure and success from this expulsion, it will result in the formation of an anal expulsive character.

For most of you, although your parents would hate to think about it, your sexual pleasure comes from your genitals. Freud believed that we all have a libido, or instinctual sexual energy.

Much of our unconscious is formed in our childhood- thus childhood development is central to understanding our behaviors. Freud was hanging out in Vienna, talking to his children and flirting with the wealthy women of the city, when he came up with his theory of our personality.