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26-May-2020 21:44

That history laid the foundations for the current spasm of violence in South Sudan that threatens to spill over into several bordering countries.In 1886, the British divided Sudan between the largely Arab north and the mostly black south.While the United States has put only a modest number of troops into South Sudan, it has encouraged its regional allies to pitch in more.Ethiopia is considering joining the fray, and the Ugandan army was instrumental in retaking the city of Bor from the rebels.Cities have been sacked, thousands killed, and almost 200,000 people turned into refugees.The Seeds of Civil War The birth of continent’s newest nation was largely an American endeavor, brought about by a polyglot coalition of Christian evangelicals, U. corporations, the Bush and Obama administrations, the Congressional Black Caucus, and human rights supporters.Since the British did not have the forces to occupy the vast southern Sudan, they created a “Southern Policy” that pitted the tribes against one another in a classic divide and rule strategy.

The Shabab has not only devastated Somalia, but was behind last year’s massacre at a Nairobi mall that killed 62 people and wounded more than 200.

China is Africa’s number-one trading partner, and by 2015 the continent will supply 25 percent of the United States’ energy needs. One way to keep a foothold is with boots on the ground.