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09-Apr-2020 18:02

No matter how raucous they’re being, don’t just go hide in your bedroom.

If the group knows that you’re hiding from them, you won’t have much influence on their behavior.

And while that will scare you a little, it will also be a relief, because parents don’t’ want to see their child feeling left out.

If most of your teen’s friends are also without a steady date, then it’s fine; but if they all start to form couples, then having your child be the odd man or woman out will also cause you concern.

You’re going to have to learn to be a bit tolerant.

A group of teens make noise and will usually leave a mess behind.

You want to make your presence felt so that no one will decide to light up a joint or raid the liquor cabinet.

A lack of friends If your teen doesn’t seem to have friends, then that is a problem.

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But in the end it’s out of your hands, and at some point your teen is going to have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Because everyone needs to have friends, it makes your teen vulnerable.