Remington rifles dating

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The AK-74 fires a 5.45 mm bullet and has replaced many of the 7.62 weapons. Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface. The country of origin can be easily determined by markings on the receiver.

All models are gas operated with a rotating bolt feed system. This is due to its bulky bullet traveling at only 2,300 feet per second. Russian models usually have two Cyrillic characters followed by four numerals.

The semiautomatic version has a practical rate of fire of 40 rounds per minute. The Soviet and East German weapons usually carry the year of manufacture and the serial number on the front left of the receiver. rifle caliber .30, M1 is an air-cooled, gas-operated, clip-fed, semiautomatic shoulder weapon.

Chinese weapons have three Chinese symbols usually followed by seven or eight numbers. North Korean SKSs have 63 stamped on the receiver cover. This means that the air cools the barrel; the power to cock the rifle and chamber the succeeding round comes from the expanding gas of the round fired previously; it is loaded by inserting a metal clip (containing a maximum of eight rounds) into the receiver; and the rifle fires one round each time the trigger is pulled.

High resolution illustrations and pictures guide you through the entire process.

Remington, Colt, Glock, Ruger, Mossberg, Browning and countless other manufacturers are covered.

Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, Remington is one of our nations oldest continuously operating manufacturers. The Company distributes its products throughout the U. DISASSEMBLY & REASSEMBLY GUN-GUIDE Disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly for all models. Mid 60s: The M16A1 was updated with a new buffer to reduce the rate of fire, chrome plated chamber and barrel, closed prong flash hider, forward assist, new buttstock with cleaning kit, and a 30 round magazine.East German versions have a hole through the stock for attaching the lower end of the sling swivels. Weight: 9.5 pounds Length: (over-all) rifle only: 43.6 inches Length of barrel: 24 inches Type of mechanism: Gas operated, semi-automatic Loading device: En-block clip Sight radius: 27.9 inches at 100 yard range Sights: Front: Fixed blade Sights: Rear: Adjustable peep.Yugoslav M59/66 are very easy to identify due to their prominent spigot-type grenade launcher permanently attached to the muzzle. Exploded Part Diagrams (59 parts - 2 Pages) Disassembly - Clear Rifle - M1 Thumb - Trigger Group - Barrel / Receiver - Follower Rod Pin - Operating Catch - Follower Arm Assembly - Bullet Guide - Operating Rod - Bolt - Ejector & Spring - Extractor In my opinion, the M1 Rifle is the greatest battle implement ever devised. One click of elevation or windage moves the strike of the bullet 1 inch at 100 yards.Enhancing the classic look of the stock are cut fleur-de-lis style checkering, period-style white-line spacers on the black fore-end and pistol-grip caps, as well as a black-vented recoil pad.

The durable 24-inch carbon steel, magnum-contoured, rifle-sighted barrel features a satin-blued finish for a striking appearance.The only current printed manual that includes information on ALL models. Trigger pull: Minimum 5 1/2 pounds - Maximum 7 1/2 pounds Ammunition types: Ball, armor piercing, tracer, grenade Muzzle velocity (M-2 ammunition) 2,800 feet/second Maximum range: 3,200 meters (3,450 yards) Maximum effective range: 500 yards.