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Head-Shaking and Bowing These behaviors begin during courtship when a new couple is getting to know one another.Throughout their relationships, which can last a lifetime, partners will continue to bow and shake their heads at one another to reinforce their bond.

Conservation efforts in Africa include ongoing monitoring of population trends, and introducing artificial nesting structures.Watch for these commonly seen behaviors and processes that offer a window into penguin biology and their complex social interactions.Preening In order to stay warm, a penguin must constantly work to keep their feathers clean, well-oiled, and waterproof.Scuffles over territory are common, and there is a definite social hierarchy within the colony.

Through pointing (when a penguin lowers its body to the ground and point its beak at another penguin), biting, fighting and braying, dominant birds (usually older) establish a pecking order, and will literally put a juvenile bird in its place by chasing or herding if they feel challenged.

Based on major population declines (at least 90 percent over the 20th century), African penguins were designated as an endangered species in September 2010 by the IUCN and the USFWS.