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Don’t for a second think that every cam site is the same… After reviewing 72 sites and spending hours on each. This is taking the top spot for now as it’s THAT GOOD.These are the top rated: We’ve recently been reviewing this site after multiple people telling us to check it out. Don’t even think about trying the other cam sites until you try this first. Just like with real estate, it's all about, "Location, location, location." And, according to Bustle readers who shared their strangest and best public sex locations, the same mantra applies. I'd tell college kids to have sex everywhere, all the time. :-) But, then maybe that's the fun of it, the risk of getting caught. It was the only place on this little island that was out of sight of other people... Sidenote: Alleykat ended up marrying the Porta-Potty girl! So, I guess the old adage "in good times and in bad" does apply.But, no matter how and how often it's done, it's all about where. My wife and I still like to get adventurous sometimes, but nothing like when we were young. The hammock envelopes you and forces you to remain very close—it is definitely intimate. As long as you don't move around too much and risk falling out, it is thrilling! Some girls seem to just love a guy with a motorcycle, and this girl was one of them!

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And, in this Ask Men piece about the best places for sex, a motel or hotel room is recommended, as well as the front row (! I must say, I think Bustle readers win as far as creativity goes in choosing a sex location. Naughty Banter is a review site focusing on the best adult cam sites.We pull together the best chat sites and sift through them in detail making sure you don’t need to go anywhere else for in-depth unbiased reviews.These two smooth-talkin guys somehow convince this incredibly sexy girl to have a sex in public places.

One minute she’s innocently waiting for the bus, and the next minute she’s on the side of the road fucking in public while it’s being caught on cam. More pics » When my buddy saw this gorgeous blonde walking alone in the park, he dremt right away he wanted to fuck the shit out of her in an outdoor to have a public blowjob.

He’s especially great at talking innocent girls into having sex in public places.