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17-May-2020 07:56

In fact, Malin is a brunette in her two most recent films – she wore a long dark wig for , the romantic comedy she filmed at the end of last year.

‘I play a mother and housewife and didn’t want her to be a blonde bombshell – it wouldn’t be realistic,’ she laughs.

My ties to Sweden have always been really strong [she speaks fluent Swedish] and I love having two cultures.’ As a child she had no thoughts of acting: she wanted to be an astronaut, then an Olympic skater.

It was her mother, an aerobics teacher and part-time model, who introduced her to the modelling business when she was still at primary school.

‘I do see a similarity between us and I hope that maybe one day we could play sisters.

'But I definitely want a wide range of films, which I feel maybe she hasn’t had – she does mostly romantic comedies.’ Which is perhaps why Malin is now breaking her own mould by playing a Lycra-clad warrior in the superhero blockbuster .

‘But I think all women are sexy and should embrace that side of themselves.’ Her role models?At 18 she changed direction yet again, with plans to become a child psychologist (she spent a year at York University in Canada).