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Mr Tutt: 'The Tribunal accepted that as far as Miss A was concerned she might have a great deal to lose by making a complaint against Dr Yasin.'In relation to Miss B, Dr Yasin hugged her and rubbed himself against her legs and then thrust his legs against her legs.

'He pushed his erect penis on to her leg and moved it back and forth then moved his arms from Miss B's back towards her hips.'The "hug" having finished Dr Yasin said words to the effect of "I want another hug before the end of my shift".

'I felt hugging was just part of the culture at work, it was not something I was used to when I was brought up.'Within my culture and background there's respect for women and respect for women physically.

Families should have no more than two children if they want to help combat climate change, according to new research by a thinktank.

With the UK having the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in western Europe the thinktank is also calling for the Government to increase investment in family planning clinics and to look at ways of discouraging teenage girls from becoming pregnant.

At its current rate the report estimates that the UK's mid-century population is projected to be 68-69 million with the planet having the largest generation of young people in history - what it terms a 'youthquake'.

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Miss A left the immediate vicinity and upon her return some minutes later, Dr Yasin hugged her front to front, pressing his erect penis against her lower abdomen.

High population and accelerating consumption means that humans are outstripping the planet's biological capcity, says the report.

By 2050, with the global population rising to 9.2 billion, humans will be using twice the Earth's natural capacity.

He also said he hugged the women - known as Miss A and Miss B - because he wanted to 'fit in' and had seen other colleagues of a similar background to himself doing the same.

At the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, a disciplinary panel accepted Yasin 'may well have had such items in his pocket' at the time of the incident in April last year but found him guilty of sexually motivated conduct.He also moved his hands down their bodies and thrust against them and pressing his upper legs into the two women who claimed the doctor was 'pleased' to see them.

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