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In any event, when the movie was pitched to both Meester and her mister, they jumped in."Sasha is very much like me, and I'm very much like her. ' That's Sasha."That co-dependent friendship thing, I've done that. The select few make it and musicians are the most reluctant to give up that dream.I've been directionless, gotten stuck at a fork in the road more than once. Real life isn't a romantic comedy, where dreams always come true."You could change her discussions about the women she's dating to men and it would be the same.Some still live at home, some are really good looking but really young and not very sophisticated.Asking Meester about the roundabout way she came to the part — Kristen Bell, and then Evan Rachel Wood were supposed to take on the role of the personally and professionally aimless lesbian Sasha — just draws puzzled silence from Meester. Yup…"She's sarcastic, honest, weird sense of humor, blurts stuff out and then tries to save the situation by spit balling some explanation, only to make it worse.Both Bell and Wood got pregnant and had to bow out. Just like me."She's also a musician, but Meester loved the fact that "Life Partners" suggests a musician who doesn't have the passion to actually make that career work."Sasha is like the vast majority of people — dreaming of it, never going to get it.

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But she's not wondering who she is."Meester doesn't wonder who she is, though she always wonders what will come next."When something comes my way, that's when I get a choice. ' I always have my eyes peeled for something I can relate to and if I'm lucky enough to love a part that I'm offered, I jump on it."But those choices are made by people making the offer, not by me.Those projects you get passionate about are few and far between."One of those projects that just sort of came her way is "Life Partners," a new romantic comedy co-starring Gillian Jacobs, Gabourey Sidibe and Meester's new husband, Brody.A.'s Hotel Cafe, and hopes to tour supporting "Heartstrings" starting in February.

But as with everything else, it's not really up to her and she's not in control of it."None of this was actually plotted out.In addition to acting, Meester has also ventured into music.