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I am happy with being a homebody and all that it entails.

I also appreciate the balance of going out when the time is right.

I am flexible and I can roll with the punches, but dont like them coming at me.

ive been such a mess my mom had to take my girls,, its unhealthy for them to see me crying and the only time it stops is when i drink (which makes things even worse for my mind in the end, i know) and i cant have my girls around that..

just the things their father said to me have crushed my spirit and bled ever ounce of dignity i possessed.. how can you trust ANYONE EVER AGAIN after you’re been used and tortured by the man you loved and cared for for 6 years,, father of your children,, the man you gave up all your dreams for to be with and raise the family..

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its starting up normally and then windows explorer crashes and it ice cubes the fuck out on me..

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