Global dating inc

13-Mar-2020 14:48

When a customer subscribes to the brand’s site, Global Personals takes a share of the money.Two former employees of Global Personals have described to Channel 4 News how the company carried out industrial-scale deception to dupe innocent daters into parting with their cash.Ryan Pitcher and Tom (not his real name – he does not want to be identified) were recruited to join Global Personals’ 30-strong team of “pseudos” – a dedicated team of staff whose job it was to set up and run fake profiles on the company’s network of sites.The team members would scour social networking websites and steal people’s photos to use on their fake profiles.Millions of people looking for love sign up for internet dating sites every year.They hand over intimate details about their lives in the expectation they will meet genuine daters.So if they’re not getting replies from real people then after a month they’re going to sign off.The pseudo team could string along a girl or guy for up to 24 months, and they pay membership fees every month.” Eventually some of the innocent targets would request a face to face meeting, at which point the Global Personals employee, via their fake profile, would give them a convenient brush-off, for example, telling the innocent daters they’d met someone, or were moving away.

“Most people were talking to more than one pseudo,” said Ryan.

They also expect their personal information will be looked after.

However this trust is often abused as our special investigation into one of Britain’s biggest internet dating companies has found.

But to reply to messages they must pay a subscription – usually around £20 a month.

The more messages the pseudo team sent from their fake profiles, the more likely innocent users would be to subscribe, or continue their monthly subscriptions.

Ryan said: “You’d take Helga from Iceland and make her into Helen from Manchester and write a profile.

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