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I have only one problem with Irish Flake, they do not sell it in Holland!

Every other blend they make but not this one..most Irish one..strongest one.

What comes through is exactly what they proclaim on the tin - pure tobacco with a hint of sweetness.

With all the claims of high nicotine content in this one, I was all set to be knocked on my fanny. If someone can smoke the black and brown ropes, they will laugh at this one's nicotine wimpiness.

Folded, lighting still works even out of the fresh tin, and the burn is slow but steady. It should have a warning label, according to everyone that has ever smoked it.

I find my pipe to contain only some mottled ash at the very end. Pipe Used: Various Age When Smoked: Ranging from new tin to 2 years Purchased From: Dan Pipe, Lauenburg, Germany; Ho S, Lingen, Germany Similar Blends: Peterson - Peterson's Perfect Plug, Rattray - Stirling Flake (Flake Collection), Peterson - University Flake, Mac Baren - HH Old Dark Fired. "May cause tongue twisted nicotine fueled rants about the gold standard and or those uppity kids and their crazy denim trousers".

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Apparently Deluxe Mixture is their top seller in the Dublin shop which frankly suggest most Irishmen haven't got a clue about good tobacco!But it does pack a punch so it's best smoked later in the day or on a full stomach, and probably sitting down.I usually loaded two full flakes and had no problems with nicotine overload. My tin was a little overly robust, a little young and a little lacking in the refinement I get from Solani, Wessex or Edgeworth burley flakes, but it was still very good.The presentation is a beauty: the tightly-pressed flakes, if righted, show rather definitely that the tin's content has been cut from one piece of plug. Darker than University Flake, and with far less topping, this is Pretty Strong Stuff, and the note on the tin that this blend is recommended to the experienced should be taken seriously. Whether rubbed out or folded & sunk, this blend packs a nice whollop and if you find it to be rather nice starting out, be warned that the strength rises steadily throughout the smoke.

The room note is good enough for other pipe smokers, excellent for cigarette smokers, but probably not good enough for the non-smoker; it is sweet-ish and unobtrusive.

This smelled like an entire barn was packed into this small tin - very strong, sweet, even with strong floral notes and hay coming along for the ride.

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