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dead so rigormortis hasn`t set in yet, but she`s cold) -OR- have sex with a nasty,fugly,fat,stinky girl who is still alive? This way i am the only one around that can claim to have gotten a fin-job. Tape scenario: Your girl is gonna catch you hammerin' some othe chick. but for the sake of the argument, i'd choose to fuck the fatty.

back on topic i'd rather get caught fucking the hotter one. Firefox for no other reason than I could use it at my old company and get onto myspace when everyone else couldn't.

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David Merkur's Excel spreadsheet details a few finer points of qualification with each and every lady he met on Basil's patent (1,108,400) is referenced on the Meriden Model 15 slide action rifle.Savage (founder of Savage Arms and inventor of the radial tire).Kink has filed a multimillion-dollar copyright and trademark infringement suit against the operator of Dr, a porn tube site that is alleged to have made available 75 Kink movies on its site.

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Sex and the single man's dating spreadsheet If you keep an Excel spreadsheet (or Google doc) on the ladies you've been dating, it stands to reason that sending, providing access or even sharing knowledge of its existence is going to bork your game.i figure she's going to leave you either way, might as well make it worth it. disclaimer: apologies if you have or are into big girls =o) You know, for some reason I have no problem memorizing that a UK dj who I know from a forum, got two goldfish named red and mef, but I can´t memorize those freaking labour court judgements for the exam tomorrow. Job you like with a low wage or Job you absolutely hate with a passion but get PAIIIIID from?