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15-May-2020 04:48

Do you feel that’s the best way for you to address them and change public opinion over time?

I don’t expect any change to come out of my songs in any way, politically or globally. They’re created to be played and to be experienced as a soulful thing.

It seems to have zero impact on anything that’s actually going on.

So getting hysterical about things and chanting some media driven slogans? Lastly, as is out now, do you think there’s room for another “Gogol Bordello Non-Stop” documentary? The documentary you mention was quite close to our scene for the initial five years of Gogol Bordello and as soon as that was released, someone else started another one where it’s a whole other chapter.

Kaplan was getting paid ,000, he says Far scummier, the aggrieved ax-slinger says Hütz told him to take a hiatus in order to grieve for his recently deceased mother, but actually just wanted him out of the picture so he wouldn’t share in the profits of a lucrative song sync.

“Hütz accomplished this ruse by feigning concern for plaintiff …

It happens on the inside and has nothing to do with joining any groups or screaming your opinion as loud as you can. We spoke last time about your intense touring schedule and you’re coming up to 100 shows this year. Just don’t cut him in half and he’ll be pretty tall. The whole idea of us not being interesting wouldn’t exist because we’re all doing something that’s essentially antidote to anything stale or dust-collecting by its very make up.

I don’t want to be like Dead Kennedys and sing about Ronald Reagan for four years only for the music to then become outdated as soon as Reagan is gone.