Dating too much too fast

22-Apr-2020 23:15

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If you noticed that you are not making quality connections online, do consider reading this work.If you are simply curious and just want to see what you are missing out on, then you too are welcome to purchase this book.

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To learn more about this author and her latest projects, subscribe to her blog: also check out native of Pittsburgh PA, a former resident of Southern California and a transplant in Colorado, Nicholl Mc Guire is the author of "Laboring to Love Myself," "Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate," "When Mothers Cry," and other books.

While bathed in blue light, the temptress stood on the stage, naked, seductively moving two seven-foot-long ostrich feathers in front of her body to the music of Debussy and Chopin. Leaving much to the imagination, she was irresistible and exciting.

She said, “If you love living, you try to take care of the equipment.” She might have said, “Less is more,” which is the best advice for writing an online dating profile.

It is no longer fun to meet people online if the offline connection is lost. In this book, "Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues," inspirational speaker and author Nicholl Mc Guire provides advice on making better connections, being more discerning when online, dealing with offline issues, and anticipating what might lie ahead when things go terribly wrong.

Having dated in the past online and offline, Mc Guire shares some lessons learned and reminds readers often why it is so important to take your time when dating.

If you made some mistakes, don't beat yourself up, you can and will make a positive difference and experience the joy of Internet dating once again if you can learn to pace yourself, exercise self control and be more discerning.