Dating celestion g12 65

02-Sep-2020 17:44

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In this post, I decided to do a down-to-earth rap on a handful of cool speakers that I have used lately.

It is difficult to sift through the technical data on speaker websites.

But the high gain, D-Style amps like the KTS-70 more for delivering the smoother OD. A good call for a lower wattage D-Style amp, but for higher wattages and volumes, go with the KTS-70 since it has qualities of the G-12-65 but handles some of the higher volume with EV-like clarity.

These guys really know how to make a top notch speaker. The G12-65 is like a solid Chevy that keeps running and delivering everything from classic crunch to contemporary and fusion tones.

Really one of the most amazing finds for me in a long long time. Great speaker and it will sound great with an amp such as a Vox AC30, or similar sounding amp, say with Tremolo. I find, however at higher gain and OD settings, the G12-65 starts to color the tone and has a tendency to get very thin and a little buzzy/compressed.

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AUSTIN SPEAKER WORKS KTS-70 If you are looking for the ultimate speaker, which has some of the qualities of the EV at higher volumes but not at the expense of warmth at lower volumes, the KTS-70 is the speaker of choice.

I will try to compile another list of speakers in the near future.