Carbon 14 dating for dummies

21-Feb-2020 01:57

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Interestingly, both of these monuments are in very dry areas today, so things must have been different in the past or they wouldn’t be here. Basically, water can hold a lot of tiny bits of rock under the right conditions, and then let them fall in a very quick and orderly way.We’ll start with Uluru: I first heard about how land formations like Uluru in Australia were formed from Dr. He has a lot to say about Uluru and explains how these kinds of formations are only possible with quiet water covering them. We see layers like this everywhere in sedimentary rocks, usually laid down like sheets of pastry in a baklava or a Torte.Many of these indicators for younger ages were discovered when creationist scientists started researching things that were supposed to ‘prove’ long ages.

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Further, it has to be assumed that the clock was never disturbed.He figures there were probably lots more of these gave the sand time to cement into stone.