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23-Mar-2020 11:56

For example, the Edit products button appears at the top of your store's product list when you select one or more products.The web browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are recommended for using the bulk editor.You can perform Update All() over both persistent and artificial types and can update the values of all properties from certain type for all of its objects. The provided value is considered during the execution of each command inside the operation.The reference navigation properties can be set to one of the following: an existing entity instance, a new entity instance that is managed by an instance of the Open Access Context class or NULL. Value Due to limitations in VB the extension methods on objects need to be called as static methods. If one of the commands exceeds the timeout a backend specific exception is thrown and the transaction is rolled back.Recently I used a feature that allows me to quickly hide or publish the collections from a single page list, and I really like that feature to keep track of published and hidden collections.The bulk editor lets you simultaneously modify multiple products and their variants from your Shopify admin.Currently the only way to bulk add or remove tags is to use the export to CSV option, and then you have to deal with removing tags using Excel - which is a lot harder than it sounds!Power Tools - Bulk Edit Tags makes it easy to add or remove one or more tags from every product based on collections, existing tags, or even the product descriptions.

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It's often easier to move or edit features in bulk than individually.

This app can also be used as a simple way to create more complex collections, or even combine existing collections.

Topics include: foundations & history of domestic violence, ethics, cycle of violence, religion & cultural competency, counseling & basic crisis intervention skills, children’s issues, overview of abusers, teen dating violence, legal issues & topics, advocacy, self-care, working w/ unique populations, and much more!… continue reading »

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