Brandy norwood who is she dating

21-Feb-2020 05:49

The relationship blossomed into official coupledom and real love.Brandy's management was unhappy about how a relationship with a much older man would affect her squeaky clean image.

When B & Wanya shot their duet "Brokenhearted" in '95, she finally got up the courage to tell him she loved him.

Brother Ray-J said people always wanted to listen because she could do amazing things with her voice.

Brandy revealed she was able to sing with freedom in the chrch because she felt supported and she felt no judgment.

Brandy said she knew she would become a star herself because she didn't want anything else.

On her big break Execs at Atlantic Records listened to her demo and offered her a deal at age 13.

But it came at the high price of eating disorders, lies & depression.